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Saving & Investing

3 min read

The concept was simple – the company rents parking lot space, puts up a huge tent and offers everything from shoes to household items.

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
Nov 7th, 2011
Stacking Up on Sales
2 min read

Many of you have asked for recommendations on good books in personal finance. There are plenty out there

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
Oct 4th, 2011
Some Good Books
1 min read

Have you ever guessed someone’s financial situation based on their income, education, car, home, or general lifestyle?

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
Sep 16th, 2011
Reality in Numbers
4 min read

I was recently on a financial planning panel at a church when one of the members abruptly said, “What if you don’t have a job?”

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
Sep 8th, 2011
Getting Paid
2 min read

In 1966, American economist Alfred Khan published an essay that explores the "tyranny of small decisions."

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
Sep 1st, 2011
Nickels and Dimes