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An Interview With SmartPath Client, Rev. Nelson Furtado Jr.

comprehensive financial education

We love to receive feedback from our clients, and from time to time, our clients give us permission to share their SmartPath story. This client has no affiliation with SmartPath and receives no compensation. They have chosen to share their experience in an effort to encourage others in their journey to better financial health.

1. What led you to seek financial coaching with SmartPath?

I sought financial coaching with SmartPath because I needed to improve my credit score for employment reasons. I tried on my own for about a year and a half and my credit score only increased 3 points. My financial life was in bad shape.  I felt I did not have enough understanding of finances or what were the best decisions to make to get the result I wanted (more financial stability and higher credit score).

2. How would you describe your coaching experience?

My experience with Todd Campbell, my financial coach, was amazing. Todd was very knowledgeable, and he also cared. I never felt judged in our conversations. He always looked for better strategies so I could improve my financial life. Todd understood my priorities and helped me develop a plan that would lead me closer to financial stability and help me meet my immediate needs. During every meeting with Todd I gained a better understanding of finances and how to make better decisions. I felt more and more in control of my financial life.

3. How did you feel after using our coaching services? Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?

I have already recommended SmartPath to a few friends. Todd helped me achieve my immediate goals and gain more knowledge about the financial system. With Todd's help, I understood SmartPath's 7-Tank strategy and was able to focus on having more FUEL. Since my immediate goals were achieved, Todd helped me to trace new goals and continue improving my financial life. He broadened my understanding of the things that impact my financial life and showed me how to pay attention to the things that indirectly impact me. Because I am able to make better financial decisions I feel more confident, less stressed and better prepared for my next projects. AFTER ONE YEAR WORKING WITH TODD MY CREDIT SCORE INCREASED 80 POINTS!!!!! 80 POINTS!!!! EIGHTY POINTS!!! (I am sorry about that.) When I was working by myself it took me a year and a half to increase my score by 3 points. When I started working with Todd my credit score increased 80 points in one year. That is amazing!!! Thank you all at SmartPath for your help, and to Todd who was patient with me not only by explaining financial concepts, but also helping me gain a new understanding, as well as change the way I think and view finances as a whole.