Flexible Pricing to Meet Your Unique Business Needs

We pride ourselves on offering product solutions tailored to your business, so you don’t buy anything you don’t need. And we’ve designed our pricing the same way…maximum flexibility, ensuring you receive maximum value.

Our Promise

We pride ourselves on providing product solutions tailored to your business, so you don’t buy anything you don’t need. This is reflected in our pricing - we offer maximum flexibility, so you get the maximum value.

Our Pricing Models

Flat Fee
SmartPath Learn - Charged per user, per year across all users with access.

SmartPath Coach - Charged based on the bundle of hours purchased.
SmartPath Learn & Coach - Charged based on total user activity.
SmartPath can be paid for with plan assets, wellness credits, or department budget. We do not sell any financial products.

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SmartPath Learn
Daily live and on-demand personal finance classes.
  • Live Daily Classes on 130+ Different Topics
  • Personalized Class Recommendations
  • Automated Program Management
  • Comprehensive Reporting & User Insights
SmartPath Coach
One-on-one coaching with a dedicated financial professional
  • Fiduciary first, licensed financial professionals
  • Over 10 years of experience each
  • 24/7 Accessibility Across the U.S.
  • Spanish Speaking Coaches on Staff

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SmartPath offers pilot programs for organizations with over 5,000 participants.

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See why customers love SmartPath!

SmartPath has created a solution for the set of people that have the most to gain from tracking their money. More importantly, they did it in a way that solves our employees’ problems in simple terms. This is a company that takes the stress out of financial planning and makes lives better on a global scale.

Karen Velkey

Vice President of Benefits and Compensation


Best thing that ever happened to me. SmartPath changes your financial life and is a must have!

Teodora N.

SmartPath User

Thank you for your support and coaching to help us figure out where we are in our retirement plans and for directions to help us optimize opportunities. We aren’t done yet, and do look forward to continue down this path to our secured retirement.

Jim & Sue B.

SmartPath Users

“Having a SmartPath Financial Coach is one of the best and smartest decisions I’ve made in my life.”

Heather J.

SmartPath User

Without an understanding of how to build a foundation for financial wellness, overall wellness for the diverse performer is unlikely. The team at SmartPath offers the diverse performers at our conferences an actionable framework for addressing this important need.

Werten Bellamy


Stakeholders, Inc.

“They will demystify personal finance and give you a reasonable method to follow.”

Sylvia B.

SmartPath User

“Tracking my money has helped me plan better. I like to travel and shop. When I have a trip coming up I always make a goal to have a certain amount of spending money to splurge on vacation. SmartPath helps me maintain the FUEL I need for future events.”

Jaymi R.

SmartPath User

“The SmartPath Financial Coach helped our family become less stressed about our finances, showed us that you have to measure it to improve it, and encouraged us to live within our means.”

Trina C.

SmartPath User

SmartPath will help guide our employees through buying a house, paying down debt, saving for retirement, understanding the unique GoDaddy total rewards package, and much more. It's been a pleasure to partner with the entire SmartPath team. It's been a pleasure to partner with the entire SmartPath team!

Rob Wisniewski

Director of Benefits


Your format is engaging – casual but simple and clear, and you make a technically complicated benefit less daunting and easy to understand.

Lalaine Balois

Benefits Consultant