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In much the same way a personal trainer can improve your workouts, a financial coach can improve your finances. A financial coach will help you set a plan, get focused, make better decisions and stay accountable.

Your Financial Coach will be one of our trained professional coaches who have a range of backgrounds in personal finance from debt payoff to investments to banking. Many are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professionals (CFP®'s). Your Coach is genuinely passionate about helping you with money and hates selling products - so that's one less thing to worry about.

After you have your first call with your coach, you can reach out to them as much as you like. Your coach will reach out at least monthly via email and text messages depending on your preferences. Your cadence really depends on your goals and the accountability you setup with your coach.

This is the type of program where you'll get out what you put in. Your coach is your partner. If you don't want to do something - don't commit to it. Speak up if you disagree with us. If you miss your goal, we're still here - keep trying!

It really depends. Some folks just need a little help getting on the right track, while others want to have the reassurance of a coach by their side. Generally, we recommend giving it at least 6 months to see meaningful results. You can cancel anytime.

Achieving long term financial success means getting on the right track and staying on the right track. It means setting realistic expectations during life's curve balls without letting them derail you. If you're committed to consistently making good choices, we're committed to helping you make life-changing progress.

Our coaches can help with a lot, but these are some specific topics that we aren't the best fit for: bankruptcy, eviction, wage garnishments, defaulted student loans, multiple debts in collections, debt settlement plans, repossessions, tax advice, credit counseling, business owner advice, and foreclosure.

While we hope that won't be the case, we understand we might not be the right fit for everyone at every stage of life. Log in to your SmartPath account and at the bottom of your profile screen is an option to Cancel your subscription. If you have any billing questions, you can always reach us at or by calling (888) 686-5808.

On average, over a year our clients experience:


Financial Stress


Financial Confidence


Household Income


Household Savings


Credit Card Debt

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