Differentiate Your Offering With A Financial Wellness Solution

These days, medical, dental, and vision benefits are table stakes. To attract top talent, employers are offering more distinctive benefits, like fitness stipends, mental health programs, unlimited PTO, and more. How can you differentiate your product? Offer the benefit that helps employees keep more of what they earn: SmartPath, the country's leading financial wellness solution.

Differentiate Your Offering With A Financial Wellness Solution

What's in it for you?

Increased Revenue
Build SmartPath into your standard benefits pricing.
Enhanced Client Relationships
Leverage SmartPath’s data insights to inform your client’s benefits strategy.
Differentiated Product Offering
Outshine your competition with a comprehensive next-generation insurance offering.

Which Clients Are Your Best Prospects?

While everyone can benefit from SmartParth, your prime customers are likely to be those who:

Previously inquired about financial wellness solutions.

Already offer alternative employer-paid perks such as fitness or mental health benefits.

Have expressed interest in driving employee participation.

Have many working-class employees with little or no access to financial resources.

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