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Our Three Truths

SmartPath’s mission is to help families that want support achieving long term success with no jargon or sales. After 10,000 hours of teaching and coaching people about money, we believe:


Hard-working Americans — not just the wealthy — deserve the chance to live their financial dreams (if they make the right choices).


We can only help people who are ready and committed to living a healthier financial lifestyle. If our users are serious, we are serious about helping them.


99% of financial stress comes from not knowing what to do and not staying accountable once you know what is next. We help our users with both.

For too long, unbiased financial guidance has been a luxury good.
SmartPath is changing that, and it all starts with you.

SmartPath Coaches

How We Do It

SmartPath does not sell financial products (things like insurance, accounts, or portfolio management). Instead, we give you a roadmap and charge a small fee for personalized coaching. We cover everything from figuring out how to pay off student loans to making smart investments.

All the information is 110% focused on our users. We help them understand their options and tradeoffs and give them encouragement to push forward. Building wealth requires consistently making good choices over decades. If users are committed, we make sure that happens.

Our System

FUEL & The 7-Tank System

Financial FUEL is income minus expenses each month. Some say it’s "spend less than you make." We call it FUEL. FUEL doesn’t judge, it gives you power. From paying off debt to saving for retirement to buying a 180-foot yacht on the Arabian Sea, you will need consistent FUEL, every month, to reach your financial goals. Once you have FUEL, fill the following 7 Tanks in order.

SmartPath helps users figure out where they are in the system and how to get to the next step. The process takes time but allows them to be in control of their finances.

FUELFUEL = Income - Expenses
  • 1 Company Match for Retirement
  • 2 1-Month Emergency Fund
  • 3 Free From Bad Debt
  • 4 3-6 Month Emergency Fund
  • 5 20% of Income to Retirement
  • 6 Children's College Fund
  • 7 Live Your Bucket List
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Our Team

Alok Deshpande

Alok Deshpande

CEO, Co-founder
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Stuart Lawder

Stuart Lawder

COO, Co-founder
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Ryan McPherson

Ryan McPherson

Director of Coaching & Advising
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SmartPath Team
SmartPath Team
SmartPath Team
SmartPath Team
SmartPath Team
SmartPath Team

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