Frequently Asked Questions


What is SmartPath?

SmartPath is the leading provider of comprehensive financial education solutions in the country. We offer daily educational classes, one-on-one coaching, and digital tools that empower individuals on their journey to financial freedom.

What is a financial wellness program?

A financial wellness program is designed to help participants take charge of their financial health. A financial wellness program should take a holistic approach to finances and include sound financial education personalized for each employee’s unique life stage. The program should help answer questions and provide guidance on a host of financial topics like budgeting, buying a home, paying off student loans, saving in a 401(k), or adjusting tax withholdings.

What is financial literacy?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and apply financial knowledge, skills, and concepts to make good financial decisions. A financially literate person can take learned concepts and use them in specific financial situations, improving their overall financial wellness and increasing their likelihood of staying out of debt and sticking with a plan for the future.

What’s the difference between SmartPath and other financial wellness resources?

Financial resources from a retirement advisor or other vendor tend to focus on retirement plan management and cross-selling additional products. In contrast, SmartPath is an unbiased, fiduciary entity that provides holistic financial education to participants and helps them make choices that will lead to lifelong financial wellness.

How it works

What information does SmartPath need to implement the program?

At kick-off, you’ll provide us with an employee eligibility file. From there, our system will integrate your employee information and segment your population. Automated emails will be sent at an agreed-upon cadence to keep employees informed about upcoming classes and make other important announcements.

How is participant information kept private?

We keep all participant information completely confidential. SmartPath is SOC2 compliant, which means that our extensive data security practices are audited annually by a 3rd party. We use high-level encryption, authentication best practices, and regular training to keep data secure. Reporting back to the organization is done in aggregate to protect confidentiality.

Will my organization receive any data about participants?

Yes. Your dedicated account manager will provide you with quarterly engagement reports that show how your participants are engaging and give you an overall snapshot of your organization’s financial wellness.

How do you automate onboarding and ongoing program management?

At kick-off, you’ll provide us with an employee eligibility file. We’ll take it from there! Automated emails will be sent at an agreed-upon cadence to keep employees informed about upcoming classes and make other important announcements. You’ll also be paired with a dedicated account manager to answer questions and provide direction throughout the process.

How does SmartPath integrate with my product?

We have a robust API where you can gain full access to our content. We also offer integration options, allowing you to curate and embed content that can be accessed by users on your platform.

Classes and Coaching

What types of classes do you offer?

Life is complicated. Our financial education is exceedingly broad, speaking to every stage of life, but also deliberately incisive, providing practical guidance for individual decision-making. We design classes that answer the nitty gritty questions about planning for life, children, vacations, taxes, surprise medical bills, buying a new house, retirement, and everything in between.

How are SmartPath classes developed?

Our in-house team updates class content and materials regularly to stay current with legislation and market conditions. All our classes are developed to meet these seven criteria:

• Drive action

• Be positive and aspirational

• Exude empathy

• Keep it simple

• Solve a problem

• Don’t judge

• Provide context

How are SmartPath coaches certified?

Our coaches are CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™ (CFP®) or Accredited Financial Counselors® (AFC®) with over 10+ years of experience. As a team, they are encouraged to leverage one another’s subject matter expertise and also have consistent access to our on-staff Director of Coaching. 

Can we use SmartPath to help employees make Annual Enrollment decisions?

Yes! SmartPath educates employees on how to maximize their benefits around open enrollment. In addition, we can design a custom class for your population and/or redirect your employees to a benefits page embedded in our platform, making it easy for them to see what’s available and enroll.

Will SmartPath try to sell the user anything?

Nope! We don’t sell any financial products or services. Our only goal is to educate and help our clients take action that leads to positive financial change.


How can we pay for SmartPath?

Organizations can pay for SmartPath with plan assets, wellness dollars, or department budgets. Annual contract or discounted multi-year contract options are available.

Is custom pricing available?

To meet the varied needs of our customers, we try to keep our pricing as flexible as possible, so you only pay for what you need. Many of our resources are offered a la carte allowing you to tailor your solution to your customers.

How can SmartPath help enhance cross-sales?

Through the data reporting provided by SmartPath, you’ll be armed with key insights into your user's activities and interests, helping you offer the most relevant product or resource for each customer’s situation.