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Surprisingly – Good Things DID Happen in 2020

comprehensive financial education

2020 has been one for the books! The SmartPath team has been fortunate enough to form successful partnerships with thousands of coaching clients on their journey to financial empowerment. And we’ve created more than just working relationships with many of you; we have formed true friendships. Here are some of our biggest client wins this year, as shared by our coaches and advisors. We hope you are as inspired as we are to continue making big money moves in 2021.

Quaranting Helped Her Save More

"My client paid off 6 credit cards totaling $7,100 this year. She attributes her success to quarantining, which has kept her safe and healthy, and allowed her to work more hours at home to boost her FUEL. She'll finish filling Tank 3 in January, and she's got her sights on buying a home next!"
— Olivia Keys, SmartPath Manager of Coaching and Advising

A Creative Way To Make More Money

"A young married couple started the year ready to tackle debt from their overseas wedding the year prior. Unfortunately, one spouse lost their job in hospitality due to COVID. They drastically reduced spending and focused on saving. After months of unsuccessfully searching for a full-time job, she decided to create her own virtual bakery, baking and delivering baked goods locally. It's become a husband and wife joint venture with the husband taking photos and managing the website and the wife baking, delivering and online marketing. They paused their debt payoff, but they started the year with $450 in savings and now their savings are up to $15K."
— Wilson Muscadin, SmartPath Coach

Retirement Ready? 

"My favorite Retirement Readiness sessions in 2020 were helping those near retirement to realize that they were more on-track than they believed. With the world disrupted this year, it was a great comfort for them to know that they could retire on their own terms and that they would be okay if that was sooner than expected. I loved sharing with clients that they could keep working because they want to, and not because they have to."
— Tyler Landes, SmartPath Advisor

Getting Organized, One Step At A Time

"I had a client whose family had lost income due to the pandemic. As you can imagine, she was very worried and concerned about how she was going to be able to make ends meet. Before this time, she was not very organized with her finances, and she was not tracking her spending. But, we were able to get her to begin using our Financial Organizer and SmartPath Mobile App to get a better handle on her finances and become more aware of her spending habits. It took a minute to get everything together, but once she did she was able to make it through the downsizing and now she's excited about managing her finances and pursuing Financial FUEL."
— Todd Campbell, SmartPath Coach

$21K Debt - Gone! 

"One of my clients paid off $21k in credit card debt and personal loans since January 2020, is building up her large expense fund at $4k, saved her starter one-month emergency fund of $6k, and is now positioned to complete her 3-6 month emergency fund in 2021. She had been playing the "0% interest game" and justified getting into credit card debt because of the intro teaser rates. She completely changed her mindset this year, realizing that debt is debt and feels so thankful to SmartPath for helping her get out of debt and get her on the road to financial freedom! To her, it finally feels possible now." — Carla Britton Ramsey, SmartPath Coach

Saving for Retirement While Single Parenting - Successfully

"One client win that sticks out for me this year was a recently divorced mother who was trying to adjust to her new reality. Through the Retirement Readiness process, she was able to see that by taking a balanced approach and becoming more intentional about her spending she would be able to retire on her terms while still provide for herself and her daughter today."
— Mark Sinderson, SmartPath Advisor

Prepared For A Potential Layoff

"My client is no longer concerned about a potential layoff affecting her finances after completing a post-lay off budget. She feels less anxious after calculating her core financial obligations and identifying various sources of available funds. She’s even considering early retirement after realizing she can afford to do so!"
— Juanita Warren, SmartPath Coach

Retiring 5 Years Early! 

"We were able to help a client, who had expressed to his wife the week before our call while on vacation that he was burnt out, that he would be financially able to retire 5 years sooner than originally planned. He was delighted! We were also able to show another individual that their dream of moving back to China to be closer to family was in fact a very real possibility. She was not sure if she would ever be able to go back."
— Andrew Langdon, SmartPath Advisor