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Side Hustle Success Story

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We love to receive feedback from our clients, and from time to time our clients give us permission to share their SmartPath story. This client has no affiliation with SmartPath and receives no compensation. They have chosen to share their experience in an effort to encourage others in their journey to better financial health.

How Kimberly Stopped Spending More Than She Made

I have really enjoyed talking with my SmartPath Coach, Ali. He is very encouraging and upbeat. My reason for contacting SmartPath was to put myself on a budget, so I can pay my credit card off and put more money in a savings account for future expenses (emergencies, retirement, new car). I feel like I’m working just to pay the bills right now.  Each time I speak with Ali, he sets a goal for me to complete before our next scheduled call.

After just one call, he encouraged me to pick up a second job to add additional income, which I had been thinking about for a year, but just didn’t do on my own. During the second call, I was able to tell him that I started working for Shipt in the evening and on the weekend when I have time. I’m a shopper for customers who are enrolled with Shipt. They put in their grocery list for Meijer or Target, I go to the selected store, shop for their groceries and deliver them to their house. I started doing it just 3-5 times a week, but I'm hoping to start doing more. I’m also in the process of working for Uber Eats. So when I’m out and about doing Shipt, I can pick up a couple of Uber Eats deliveries.

The next goal that Ali set for me is to save a specific amount of money before our next scheduled phone call. He said that he would check in with me through text periodically, just to see how I’m doing before our next call. I think everyone should understand that SmartPath is NOT trying to sell me anything. I think that is a big concern for most people and may be stopping them from calling. My coach is only trying to help me succeed. Not once have we talked about anything other than my budget and goals.

Ali always has nice things to say – “I’m doing everything right,” “I’m headed in the right direction," etc. I just needed that extra encouragement and someone to look over my bills and expenses compared to my income, which is when I found out that I was spending more than I’m making. He asked about the percentage rates on my credit card, loans, etc. to make sure that I was getting the best rates out there. Calling SmartPath was a good choice for me and has put me on the right path to saving for my future. I’m glad that my employer has given us this opportunity to work with SmartPath, and I really think this could help a lot of people.

Thank you! Kimberly H.