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Saving & Investing

1 min read

Alok's inspiration and FUEL : a moving story about how his mother turned just a few dollars to a whole lot more.

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
May 19th, 2016
A Movement Is Born
4 min read

As the class trickled in, I could hear the frustration…. "I can’t believe we’re being asked to do even more"

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
Sep 21st, 2013
Me, Inc.
3 min read

It’s bonus time. You’re about to get PAID! Well, not exactly. Some of you have already spent your bonus.

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
Mar 1st, 2013
Bonus Time
4 min read

When I first started on this entrepreneurial journey, I was told, “Businesses are 1% ideas, 99% execution”. I think that’s generous.

Alok Deshpande Alok Deshpande
Jan 28th, 2013
To-Do List > Vision