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The One Book You Need To Read

comprehensive financial education

After years of teaching people about money, I finally put my system on paper in the published book, Fuel: The Most Important Number in Your Financial Life. It's a fast read, makes things simple, and most importantly, will give you a plan for your money. The reviews have been humbling. Here's an excerpt from the first page:

Money has been made more complex than necessary. Most people have the same basic financial goals – own a home, get out of debt, save for retirement, help kids with college, and enjoy life along the way. Reaching your goals is 95% behavior and 5% strategy and information. This book will give you the 5% (strategy and information) so you can do the 95%. I figure it’s best to lay my cards on the table before you dive into a book that’s sole purpose is to help you get on the right track with your money. This book is direct, in your face and unabashed. It teaches a system that has worked for generations and will work for you.

You can find it here on Amazon. Enjoy.