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SmartPath Unveils Spanish User Experience as Hispanic Heritage Month Kicks Off

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With over 42 million Spanish-speaking individuals in the United States, the company is setting the standard for financial equality by offering inclusive services.

ATLANTA, September 14, 2023 / PRNewswire / -- SmartPath, the country’s leading financial education provider, is excited to unveil much-anticipated product updates that will increase access to financial education for all users, especially Spanish speakers. The company makes this announcement as the nation begins its celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. The platform now offers Spanish classes, Spanish-speaking financial coaches, and a fully translated user experience.

“As the number of Spanish-speaking individuals in the U.S. grows, we know that a huge portion of our user base will benefit from Spanish resources,” says Stuart Lawder, COO and Co-Founder. “We’re committed to providing the best financial education to as many people as possible. These enhancements are just the first of many product updates that will increase access for underserved communities.”

Popular classes that were previously only available in English have now been fully translated into Spanish and are facilitated by native Spanish-speaking financial experts. The website and all communications are also now available in Spanish based on user preference. These updates remove the barrier to entry and make sound financial education accessible to a larger population.

“Hispanic Americans are now the second largest racial group in the United States,” adds SmartPath CEO and Founder, Alok Deshpande. “Our corporate vision is to make financial literacy a widespread reality. Offering our program in Spanish is the obvious next step towards educating the average American family and giving them tools to make sound financial decisions and build generational wealth.”

Further updates include:

  • Increased personalization - Tailored class recommendations powered by AI.
  • Daily availability - Classes are now taught every day by a financial expert, with questions answered in real-time.
  • Greater course variety - The platform now has 3x as many class options on over 130 diverse topics.
  • Enhanced user control - An upgraded preferences page gives individuals the ability to easily customize their user settings, including communication frequency and delivery method (by email or SMS).

SmartPath’s updates have focused on providing a personal approach for each user and helping them discover content that best applies to their current life stage and situation.

To learn more about SmartPath’s financial education solution, visit www.joinsmartpath.com.

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SmartPath is the leading provider of comprehensive financial education solutions in the country. Its robust offering includes daily educational classes, one-on-one coaching, and digital tools that empower individuals on the journey to financial freedom. Founded in 2010 and supporting over 600,000 individuals, SmartPath delivers its financial education solutions in partnership with financial institutions, fintech companies, and employers nationwide. For more information, visit www.joinsmartpath.com.

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