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SmartPath Lands $2.7M in Funding

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ATLANTA, Feb. 6, 2019

SmartPath, a fast-growing, data-driven business that is revolutionizing corporate financial wellness, announced today it received over $2.7M in funding led by PJC a Boston based venture fund, with participation from TTV, Y-Combinator and several prominent angels.

SmartPath has been chosen by corporations across an array of industries as part of their benefits program to provide employees with the most comprehensive financial wellness solution available. The tech-enabled, customizable service offers a proven model for employers responding to employee demand for wellness programs to ease financial ills.

“SmartPath has created a remarkably simple, but ground-breaking approach to personal finance. The company has the key elements we look for – a seasoned management team, an in-demand answer to a common problem, and the intuitive technology needed to bring their service to a wider market,” said David Martirano, Managing Director of PJC.

Founder Alok Deshpande and his team have set out to blend the human element of financial problem solving with a secure client portal that meets employees wherever they are in their financial journey. SmartPath’s certified coaches work with employees that want an accountability buddy who can provide straightforward steps to tackle everything from budgeting and debt elimination to buying a home and planning for retirement. Through the program, employees learn to significantly improve the way they think, feel and behave with money.

“Financial health is, in many ways, akin to how we view physical health. We’re not plainly good or bad. It’s not binary. Instead, we’re all somewhere on a spectrum and, hopefully, trying to get better. This is absolutely true with money,” said Deshpande. “Our passion is helping everyday people make better choices with money to improve their financial health, one choice at a time.”

SmartPath strives to make financial problem solving more accessible for the many vs. the few. Since launching its corporate financial wellness program in 2017, SmartPath coaches have conducted thousands of hours of personal, unbiased coaching calls for some of the largest employers in the country. Recognized as a 2018 Best Places to Work by the Atlanta Business Chronicle, SmartPath partners with organizations of all shapes and sizes. For more information about SmartPath call (888) 686-5808 or visit joinsmartpath.com to explore their financial care plan approach.