Our Mission & Story

SmartPath’s mission is to help ordinary people have a less stressful and more productive relationship with money and achieve long-term financial success through unbiased, actionable, and personalized financial guidance.

Everyone deserves financial guidance. Our goal is to help employers be there for their employees and to help employees make good decisions over time — without jargon, sales pitches, or added expenses.

Our Founder, Alok Deshpande

I left my corporate career at Bain to teach personal finance after seeing the impact of the 2008 financial recession on my community, family and friends. SmartPath was founded to help Main Street families get objective financial guidance with personalized support and accountability.

Still today, our mission is to educate people about money, without selling any financial products, in an approachable and authentic way that meets them where they are.

As an employer-sponsored benefit, SmartPath continues to help families rebuild after COVID-19 and alleviate their stress when it comes to uncertainty. It’s been a dream come true helping people move from chaos to confidence with their money.”

Alok Deshpande

SmartPath CEO and Co-Founder