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Foundational Financial Wellness

SmartPath provides classes, coaching and tools to help make stressful financial decisions easier.

Foundational Financial Wellness

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Our high touch, proven system brings objective, trustworthy and affordable financial advice to help employees reach financial well-being. SmartPath provides straightforward steps to tackle everything from budgeting to paying off student loans to planning for retirement. We help make it possible for Main Street families to re-write and improve their financial futures.

Our Philosophy

SmartPath meets employees wherever they are relative to their life stage, interest and energy level.

SmartPath’s program is comprehensively designed to allow employees to control the effort they want to reach their goals.

SmartPath does not sell ANY financial products like insurance, accounts or portfolio management. We care about employees financial wellbeing.
We do all of this while making HR lives easier. We do all of the work upfront so that the HR team doesn’t have to.

Our System

SmartPath has a simple system to help clients determine where they are and guide them step-by-step with clear, actionable items to reach their financial goals.


Financial FUEL

The goal is to spend less than you make” and end up with positive FUEL.


- Expenses


The Tank System

Once you have positive FUEL, we help clients fill their 7-Tanks, one tank at a time.

FUEL and the 7-Tank System
Self-Guided Content
SmartPath Services

Self-Guided Content

We know employees are busy. Guides, short videos and articles on key financial decisions allow employees to get the support they need on their time, 24/7.
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