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Embedded Financial Education

You're making a difference, but your customers still have questions. SmartPath allows you to offer them targeted education without ever leaving your platform.

Embedded Financial Education

How It Works


Define an end goal, then set events to activate experiences.


Your users interact with an embedded education experience.


Get detailed results and insights via our secure API.

What's Your Trigger?

We've found people want education and support at specific times. Identify your event and desired outcome and let us do the rest.

New user onboarding
Credit increase or decrease
Savings balance increase
Portfolio value increase or decrease
Missed payment
Low balance
Large purchase
example integration screens

Now Let's Engage

Our conversational UI is interwoven with engaging videos and generates actionable recommendations, creating a truly personalized experience for users.

Here's Your Data

Our API allows you to receive realtime engagement insights and responses from your users. You can then leverage this data to drive business objectives and deepen customer relationships.

SmartPath API documentation

Exceptional results for extraordinary need.

Education in action drives change. Our numbers speak for themselves.

User Adoption
Experience Completion
Helpful Rating

What You Get

Customizable education experiences with videos, professional guidance, product recommendations and email followups
Basic branding customization
Real-time API reporting
Detailed user profile and response information

Available Add-ons

Telephonic access to fiduciary financial coaches & advisors
Custom classes just for your users
Access to weekly SmartPath community classes
White-labeling and complete custom branding

Ready to learn more?

Let us show you how we can drive user engagement and trust with just-in-time financial education.