A Life-Changing Resource

A Life-Changing Resource

Christen McKay Avatar Christen McKay

I would describe SmartPath as an absolutely incredible, life-changing resource.

My Coach Cait was an angel! She answered all of my “stupid” questions with such patience and grace and kindly guided me through my student loan repayment options. She also held me accountable. Cait not only educated me, but also empowered me to learn from my habits and set goals that are actually achievable!

Before, my student loans felt daunting and troubling. I honestly had no idea where to begin. Now, with Cait’s help, I feel confident, knowledgeable, and capable. I can’t begin to say how thankful I am to have had Cait as a resource. Not only did she help me save a seriously massive amount of money, but Cait also provided knowledge and support — and that’s irreplaceable.

Thanks again Cait. It makes my heart so happy to know that through all the bureaucratic shenanigans, there are people like her who are there in your corner helping you, supporting you, and guiding you through the jungle-like world of finance.

Thank you SmartPath for people like Cait!

Ms. Christina Bundy

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