8 Ways to Save Money Now!

Let's walk through 8 things you can do to save money ASAP.

  1. Rebid auto, renters or homeowners insurance. This is especially helpful if you've been with the same company for years.
  2. Combine auto, renters or homeowners insurance policies. Bundling often gives you a discount.
  3. Apply safe driving enabled apps/tools. These are often available from your auto insurer and can potentially lower your premium.
  4. Cut cable or aggressively negotiate your package. If you’re negotiating, tell the representative that you’re looking to cancel because the service is too expensive for you.
  5. Pause subscriptions. See which ones you don’t miss and cancel them (this goes for TV, movies, apps on your phone, boxes delivered to your home, etc).
  6. Establish an online shopping “buy day.” Put items in various online carts, review those items on a specified day each month, and only buy what you need and/or what you’ve continuously thought about since putting that item in your cart (often you’ll receive coupons for items left in your cart).
  7. Focus on frequency. If you struggle with online shopping, grocery store visits, and/or dining out (or food delivery) determine the amount of times you do that certain activity each week and decrease that frequency by one occurrence each week.
  8. Use employee discount programs. Many employers offer discounts on everything from cell phone plans to auto, renters and home insurance; don't let these discounts go to waste.