Stimulate Your Day: 3 Positive Media Sources

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Whether it’s the increasing number of COVID-19 cases, the latest Congressional pow-wow or concerns about our shrinking economy, current news is anything but certain.

Maintaining a healthy perspective on this pandemic and its effects can reduce stress and tension. Choosing to absorb quality information over emotionally-heightened information can positively impact how you think and respond, especially during times of uncertainty.

Is the information you’re consuming helping you or harming you?

If your answer is the latter, here are 3 inspiring discussions that will give you hope and help you remain resilient during these unsettling times.

On Positive Self-Talk

Coaching Yourself through Crisis

Listen to Professor Ethan Kross explain the power of combining logic, historical pandemic data and how talking to ourselves in the first person (using your first name) positively impacts your beliefs about your future.

He shares an effective thought-exercise to help us distance our current “emotional self” from our future “rational self,” thereby allowing us to make better decisions in the present day.

Check out this 30-minute podcast.

On Keeping Perspective

TED Connects: Community and Hope

Times of crisis have a knack for waking us up, challenging our beliefs, current systems, and even how we approach problems. Thought-leaders and industry experts in psychology, healthcare, and business, share their ideas on how we can persevere through this pandemic. Tune into these topical conversations here

On Embracing Challenges

Principles For Success

As an entrepreneur, Ray Dalio, a self-made billionaire and founder of one of the world’s largest hedge funds encountered plenty of challenges along the way. He credits how he developed his unique principles for business and life by sharing the importance of embracing reality, learning to “love the crash” of making mistakes and how to develop your own unique principles in this 30-minute video.

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