November Budget Here We Come

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Just like that, October is wrapping up! You know what that means, it’s time to make November’s budget – the highlight of your week, I know I know! Here are some things to keep in mind during the month of Turkey Day:

  • Winter apparel for you and your family (that is, if winter decides to come or just skip this year)
  • Holiday travel – this is a big one. Holiday travel, if feasible, is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed and with trade-offs in your spending for November, it is possible. Eat more dinners in, announce that this year you’re making homemade Christmas gifts, this is the time to get creative.
  • Black Friday shopping, whew! I’m getting stressed just thinking about it! Tip: Make a shopping list of everything you want to get (and can afford!) and don’t budge from it
  • Increase in the Electric Bill. Or, as my mom says, layer up!
  • Turkey. Holiday season is synonymous with food and boy are we glad that it is. Just adjust your grocery bill to account for Uncle Bob, you know he likes to take 5 helpings.

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