Hardship and Holidays

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Yesterday, my wife, son and I held our 5th annual "Teens At Work Book Giveaway." The program is simple – every year during the holiday season, we meet children from an after-school program at the local bookstore and buy each of them a book. It’s a fun event, watching kids run around to find the books they like, struggling to pick their favorite and getting excited about reading. We have a blast but, in all honesty, it’s an afternoon of mixed emotions.

The event is a clear reminder of the widening gap between the "haves" and "have not’s." During the holiday season, being on the wrong side of the economic divide is even more pronounced and painful.

On Sunday, my 5 year old son will wake up to a sea of gifts (mostly clothes and books but some toys) and completely lose his mind. My wife and I will love every minute of it. Still, the Ekhoff’s story and the kids from the Book Giveaway will be top of mind, serving as a constant reminder that I was fortunate to be born on the right side of the economic divide.

How do you give during the holiday seasons? Which organizations or programs do you believe do a great job of bridging the economic gap?

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