Fight the Budgeting Slump

It’s the beginning of the month, you’ve set your budget, given yourself a pep talk, and are on the fast track to becoming financially independent! Look, there’s you – look at you go!

Fast forward two weeks…

What happened? You were so determined! You set a strict, but realistic budget! You tracked every day – well, almost every day. Then there was that one unexpected charge you didn’t add and then your electric bill was more than expected.

More often than not, it isn’t one large expense that sets us off track, it’s the trickle of small, unexpected expenses. It's crucial to stay motivated, even when we overspend. If we don’t remind ourselves of the why behind our budgeting goals, it’s easy to feel defeated or want to give in to temptation.

So, when you hit that budgeting slump, whether it’s mid-month, after a weekend of over spending, or right when you’re nearing the finish line of the month, try to remember why you are focusing so much on your budget in the first place. For me, keeping a reminder alarm on my phone is helpful. Remembering your why – whether it's a vacation you hope to take, saving for retirement or simply because being financially fit affects all aspects of your life, that little reminder can help you tackle the next day, week, and month of money temptation. Keep it up!