Black Friday

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Imagine trying to stay completely sober in the middle of Oktoberfes, in Germany, where you’re the guest of honor. Welcome to Black Friday. This Friday is the toughest day for anyone trying to stay on a budget. In all honesty, I expect to go over budget and I consider myself a professional miser.

So how do stay on track during Black Friday. You don’t. One of the core philosophies we teach is to balance “enjoying today with saving for the future.” It’s carpe diem the way it was intended….in moderation.

For Black Friday, I would simply encourage you to take the following simple steps:

  1. Set a spending limit (something reasonable)
  2. Double that number
  3. Withdraw that amount of money from your checking or savings account (if you don’t have it, go back to step 1)
  4. Enjoy Black Friday

There are times to save and times to spend. Black Friday is an opportunity to spend responsibly by following the steps above. Oh, and in similar fashion, you may not want to check your diet plan during Thanksgiving Dinner.

Enjoy Turkey Day.

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