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White-label Financial Wellness

Your customers are looking to you for help beyond your products. Let SmartPath do the work while you get the credit.

White-label Financial Wellness

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Our customers want personalized guidance on their money decisions.
SmartPath's team of financial coaches and advisors walk alongside your customers as they navigate any financial situation.
We care about educating our customers, but we just can't do it all.
SmartPath gives your customers the education and personalized help they're looking for, all housed under your name and brand.
We want to produce timely content to engage our customers, but keeping up is hard.
We know! SmartPath takes financial education off your plate and covers a wealth of topics with your customers.
Self-Guided Content
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Self-Guided Content

We know people are busy. Guides, short videos and articles on key financial decisions allow users to get the support they need on their own time, 24/7.

Bottom Line Results

Win More Customers

Attract new customers with your powerful products turbocharged by deep, personal support.

Boost Retention

Keep existing customers by becoming the trusted financial expert they want.

Amplify Cross-Sales

Utilize novel data about your customers' needs to sell the right product at the right time.

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After one year of using SmartPath’s financial wellness package, users experience:


Financial Confidence


Household Savings


Credit Card Debt


Financial Stress

Hayley M.
Teresa is awesome. Very willing to answer my millions of questions and empower me with next steps so I know how to support the lifestyle I want now, while also planning for the future.
Hayley M.

SmartPath Coaching User

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