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50% of Americans Will Overspend During the Holidays

Skip the January Budget Blues and have a magical season with your family!

It's a snap with SmartPath.

Holiday Spending Out of Control

Take Control of Your Holiday Spending

$39 Get Started!100% Money Back Guarantee

Let an expert do the budgeting work for you! For just $39, you’ll get:

  • A 45-minute phone session with a Certified Financial Coach to understand your holiday wants and needs
  • A personalized Holiday Spending Plan delivered straight to your inbox
  • An invitation to our Holiday Financial Planning webinar

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Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it.

Our SmartPath Financial Coach provided us with a realistic plan for our holiday budget.


My Coach exceeded my expectations and showed exemplary customer service.


Best thing that ever happened to me. SmartPath changes your financial life and is a must have!


SmartPath guides and supports you in your pursuit of financial knowledge and freedom.


Avoid The January Credit Card Blues

It’s easy to fall victim to Shopper’s Math where you rationalize spending because it's the perfect gift, it’s 50% off (deal of a lifetime) and the holidays only come once a year.

Here’s how to beat Shopper’s Math:

  • TIP

Make a list, make a budget and check them twice. Just like Santa Claus, make a list of names, make a list of presents, make a budget for those presents on that list and then stick to it.

  • TIP

If you shop in-store, be laser-focused and avoid opening retail credit cards. Shop online to avoid the marketing and messaging overload and easily compare prices across retailers.

  • TIP

Shop early and avoid the last few days before Christmas if possible. After all, stores know there will be plenty of last-minute shoppers, so there’s less incentive to put things on sale.

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