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2020 illuminated the prominence of existing income disparities in this country and exacerbated the stress of those who are one emergency away from financial calamity.

Employees are seeking guidance on how to prioritize their spending, which bills to pay, and how to handle creditors. Employees will need guidance as they recover financially and strive to protect themselves from future financial issues.

Employers have a unique opportunity here to help employees avoid making poor short-term financial decisions at the expense of their overall financial wellness.

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How It Works

Studies show that employees engage in different ways. Our program is designed to be comprehensive and meet your employees where they are.


Co-branded Financial Portal

Every employer gets a branded launchpad for their employees to engage with all of SmartPath's offerings. This site offers Live Chat with our coaching team for quick financial questions and superior support.


Online Assessments

Money can be stressful. And add in the impacts of the pandemic, something that was hard just got even harder. Take our quizzes to see financial options and get personalized results with clear guidance.


Coaching Calls

Our human coaches are talented, trained, and dedicated to helping. We cover budgeting, getting out of debt, homeownership, aging parents, kid’s college and anything in-between.


Webinars and Content

We offer weekly webinars to our members on topics like saving during tough times, sources of cash, COVID-19’s impact on student loans, and many more in addition to our deep library of blog posts on financial topics.

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Financial Wellness Playbook