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Elevate your DEI initiatives with financial literacy.

Underrepresented minorities have faced limited access to financial education at school and home. You can fix that.

Elevate your DEI initiatives with financial literacy.

Driving Economic Justice

The wealth gap between black and white families is 10x. For every $10 of net worth in white families, black families have $1. And, it’s not surprising given our history.

Companies have the power to bridge the gap. The economic justice hierarchy of needs provides a framework for executives to chip away at the problem. Our Human Resource Executive session and article walk through clear steps.

Economic Justice Hierarchy of Needs
Pyramid of Economic Hierarchies

Live Financial Literacy

Our interactive, live financial literacy courses can support your DEI initiatives. With over 70 classes that cover everything from paying off debt to investing, we can design a course that meets your employees where they are.

SmartPath's offerings are a great addition for employee resource groups, affinity group or the entire company.
30, 60 or 90 minute live, interactive, and inspiring virtual sessions. We can recommend the best topic to start.
Our classes are open to spouses, partners, significant others and family. It takes a village when it comes to money.

Employees Love Us

Compare SmartPath’s webinar NPS to industry benchmark NPS scores.

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Werten Bellamy
Without an understanding of how to build a foundation for financial wellness, overall wellness for the diverse performer is unlikely. Alok and the team at SmartPath consistently offers the diverse performers at our conferences an actionable framework for addressing this important need.
Werten Bellamy


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